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9th may 2020
Rabindranth tagore birthday celebration
4th 11th 18th 25th august
Village meeting at Ranisayer, Andharsuli, Farakidanga, Koucha, Aduriadanga and Garadha
26 January 2020
Exposure to Delhi Public School
2nd September 2020
Teacher orientation
11th, 18th and 25th August 2020
Awareness Generation prog. at Ranisayer, Garadha and Koucha
10th December 2020
Free Health Camp at Ranisayer
15th August 2019
Independence day celebration
1st October 2020
STEP centre freshers welcome programme

Welcome to Serve


SERVE is primarily a child focused organization . 

Taking initiative in creating scope, space and opportunity for deprived & impoverished children through informal and remedial education, improved nutrition intake, access to formal learning opportunity thus building community sustained enabling environment for greater social inclusion. 

Along with equipping & empowering the community, ensuring child right and entitlements, protection from all child related exploitation in a, improved child friendly social environment


FULMONI SOREN Fulmoni is a 5 year old girl who is an especially abled child. Her father’s name is Mangal Soren and her mother’s name is Sumi Soren. Mangal is a daily waged laborer who works in farming fields.

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Our Services


The SERVE is committed to secure better future for the deprived children, promoting enabled improved learning environment and ensuring child friendly education system. Preparing, equipping and empowering Read More.


VISION OF THE ORGANIZATION The SERVE aspires for the community that cares for the children, that is adequately educated, informed, skilled and empowered with gender -equity, equitable & sustainable sharing Read More..


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Children Devolopment Programme

Creating scope ,space and opportunity for education of the poor children and ensuring enabling environment in the formal education system and make it more child friendly. Which guarantee, enrollment, reduce drop out, completion of school with better understanding of the lessons. Remedial Education: The primary activities is providing remedial education to the school going children. Presently 1200 children are receiving remedial help in 10 centers. Advocacy: The education need and process is shared and informed to wider community leaders to ensure continuing education in the formal school set up. -Along with education we are working on learning modules that would help better learning interest among . -Promote and improve learning environment , continuous interaction is taken, trainings programmes are organized with formal school teachers and authorities. Interactive sessions organized with formal schools for making the learning more child friendly. Exposure to computer education and reading: Children are given exposure to computer and library for exposing to reading and cultivate reading habits.


Skill training: Youth and other community members ,specially women are given skill training so that they can get better employment and move out of drudgery and hopelessness. -Candle making, soap, detergent, phenyl ,sauce and jam making, pain balm and Vaseline, liquid hand wash making, mosquito repellent , this trainings are given . -Market linkinfg and managerial training are given . -Possible linkage with financial institution are promoted.

Empowering Community

Equipping and empowering the community ,so that they get engaged in transformative process in taking forward the process and ensuring better life, rights, dignity for children and the whole community. -Awareness building camps, seminars and exposures. -Exposure to local governance and leadership training to be part of local governance. -Promoting community support to remain focused on children education and care, so that the future generation remain better and secured.

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