SERVE  is engaged with; Now nearly 1500 households are covered under the programme.

These people are extremely poor, landless laborers and few with very little hand holding.

Their primarily source of livelihood is daily wage earning. They go to nearby towns for working as daily laborers.They live in small mud houses , with tiled roof, most of them have one room house.

People eat rice, hardly use vegetable or lentils or other grams. As they cannot afford any curry or dal. Leave aside any other nutrition.Children do get enough support for education, as parents move out for work every day.They remain malnourished and suffer from common ailments.

We also work with slum dwellers in the city of Durgapur in West Bengal We are covering 7 wards. So there are nearly 20 small and big slums. .Primarily on issue of Reproductive and Sexual health of Adolescent girls. 

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